Vial-on-card samples

  • Échantillon fiole mise sous carte

For 1000 samples or more, this is the ideal perfume vial for sampling, allowing customers to discover your new products, communicating about your products and boosting sales.

The vial inserted on a card broadens communication.

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Full Range of Services

  • Filling of glass vials, 1.5-ml contents max, with spray pump
  • Insertion in a small 2-flap card
  • Packaging in 10-item flow pack
  • Boxed with identification

Supplied by Cofatech

  • Glass vials
  • Black or white spray pumps
  • Standard 2-flap card, 4-colour process printing and double-sided varnish

Supplied by the brand

  • Bulk
  • Artwork files/prepress proofing for vials and small cards

Also available without a cards

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